EPI-NO - The Long Term Equation

3 February 2017

EPI-NO is the invention of Dr Wilhelm Horkel, a German Obstetrician, a proponent of natural childbirth, and the Le Boyer Method. In Germany women are encouraged to commence their EPI-NO training early in pregnancy with the EPI-NO Pelvic Floor Exercise programme, then switch after Week 36 to the Perineal Stretching Exercises. In Germany tens of thousands of women have used EPI-NO since it was first introduced at Starnberg Clinic, near Munich, in the early 1990s. There is no evidence that EPI-NO training results in any "permanent stretching" or damage to the pelvic floor. Dr Horkel recently reported delivering a baby, the mother of whom was also an EPI-NO baby! All independant clinical studies conducted in Munich, Frankfurt, Ulm, Singapore and Melbourne Australia show conclusively that when used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions women can reduce their risk of perineal damage during a natural birth. The long-term cost of perineal trauma for many women is incontinence. The cost of EPI-NO is AUD 179.00. EPI-NO has a 5 Year Life, or 2 Pregnancies whichever is the lesser.





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