Viva La France!

3 February 2017

A prominent Paris Obstetrician and supporter of EPI-NO will conduct a retrospective analysis of 630+ of his EPI-NO patients for publication in 2017. A further retrospective study is under discussion in the UK. In a Retrospective Study the patients will have purchased EPI-NO and used it in accortdance with the manufacturers instructions and with guidance from their obstetrician/midwife. It has been observed that perineal outcomes in women who have purchsed EPI-NO and who are motivated and guided in its use by their personal medical professional are significantly more likely to deliver over an intact perineum than randomly selected women given an EPI-NO as part of a scientific study. The highest intact perineum rates were achieved by the inventor of EPI-NO, Dr Wilhelm Horkel in Germany (see comparison graph on this website)





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